Public & Social Services

If you are interested in getting a dog and don’t know what dog breed is the best fit for you, visit MyPetzilla. Their online dog breed selector provides you with useful information on any breed registered in the UK and is the place where owners safely sell or give for adoption dogs.  Mypetzilla is a website for pet enthusiasts where useful details and advices can be found for those looking to get a dog. Select from dozens of dog breeds the right one for you let the friendly team from Mypetzilla know and there will take care of the rest. It is very easy to find the right dog breed for you and even easier to get it from Mypetzilla, just make sure that you know what you want, because it’s always better than being undecided. 

East Field Farm
Cottam, Driffield
YO25 3BE

Total K9 is a company specialised in training personal protection dogs, police or prison dogs. With the amount of experience the owner and coordinator of this businesses has, Mr. Robert Cammish has founded this company to help day to day dog owners to control their dogs.

Owning a dog doesn’t need to be a nightmare and this is why Total K9 provides professional training techniques and classes that rely on modern techniques based on rewards.

If you want to spare the trouble of training a dog then Total K9 offers for sale already trained protection dogs that will make you feel safer at your home.

I Can Coaching helps people via telephone, Skype or face to face with all aspects of their lives which they need help with. This includes relationships, health, stress, career, happiness, work-life balance etc.

10 Mitchell Way
Upper Rissington
GL54 2PL

The Animals Charity of Wood Green rehomes a variety of animals including dogs, cats and field animals. These field animals are goats and horses but also smaller animals such as ferrets rabbits and guinea pigs.

601 Lordship Lane
N22 5LG

This membership organisation called The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings is fighting to save historic and listed buildings from destruction,decay and demolition.

37 Spital Square
The City
E1 6DY

Quality Foster Care is an independent fostering agency with headquarters in Essex. The team at Quality Foster care is passionate about ensuring quality care for children.

305 High Road

As a London-based charity Centrepoint is working to improve the lives of the socially excluded and young homeless people in the UK.

25 Camperdown St
Tower Hamlets
E1 8DZ