I used to suffer with frequent neck/shoulder pain. I realised it was the way I was sleeping that caused a strain on my neck. I started testing different pillows to see what impact they had. I found that memory foam pillows were very supportive and my neck would feel much better the following day after using them but they were too solid and it would take me ages to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. I found that feather filled pillows were really soft and comfortable but they didn’t support my head and neck adequately as I slept and I would wake up with an ache in my neck.
I produced a pillow to fix this problem that I found. The pillow was made from small clusters of high density memory foam that I like to call memory foam flakes. It offers the support of memory foam combined with the comfort of a feather pillow. Since I personally started using this pillow, I haven’t woke up with neck pain and my sleep has improved dramatically. I started to sell the Quiesta memory flake pillow in 2015 using the internet as my only tool to connect with others. The immediate response that I received was amazing and acted as strong encouragement to develop this into a proper business that can positively impact people’s lives every day.

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